Cardio First Angel

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Introducing the Cardio First Angel

In case of sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts!

The Cardio First Angel is a portable, manually operated device which is applied to the chest of a patient experiencing cardiac arrest to assist a person to deliver effective manual chest compressions.
Simple and quick to use, the Cardio First Angel allows everyone to act in an emergency and save a life by performing an effective cardiac massage.Small in size and very light in weight, the Cardio First Angel is always at hand in case of emergency.Entirely mechanical, its implementation is immediate. As soon as it is positioned on the patient, CPR can begin by following the "click-clack" which indicates the right pressure and rhythm to follow.

The Cardio Fist Angel should be in every home, car, golf bag, boat and with every sporting team. Carrying out quality CPR is critical when it comes to saving someone’s life in the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest before having access to a AED.The CFA gives people confidence that they are carrying out CPR effectively.Right position. Right frequency. Right pressure.The Cardio First Angel is a CPR helper designed to assist laypersons and first responders deliver quality CPR until help arrives.

Product features

  • Specifically designed for laypersons, the Cardio First Angel is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Purely mechanical, compact and lightweight, the Cardio First Angel does not require batteries, power, or maintenance.

  • Simple positioning instructions, the teardrop shape, and the non-slip foam backing ensure the Cardio First Angel is always ready to act as a CPR helper, making laypersons and first responders more willing to perform CPR.

  • Easy to use Mechanical Compact design Harmless materials with no skin contact.

  • Suitable for use on persons 16 years and older

How it works in 3 easy steps

  1. Check for life signs. If the patient is non-responsive and not breathing normally.

  2. Place the Cardio First Angel in the centre of the chest. The shape of the device helps you find the correct position.

  3. Begin to perform CPR using the Cardio First Angel. Straighten out your arms and use your body weight. The click clack sound indicates when the correct compression depth is gained and aids you with the frequency of compressions. Helps in providing quality CPR.

Cardio First Angle Placement

Cardio First Angel Placement

Cardio First Angle Usage

Cardio First Angel Usage

Together, we can save lives.

DefibsPlus is a company that is passionate about increasing the survival rate from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). Our goal is to empower communities to save lives, by educating everyday people to play their part in the chain of survival.

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